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About Us


Who Are We @ Apple At Work    Tel : 01577 864174  Mob : 07940427360


Apple @ Work started in 2002 repairing and upgrading apple mac computers.

Our business, calls on all types of end user, carrying out repairs and upgrades, within the customers home or premises. Sometimes if required, taking back to the workshop for more in-depth repairs.

Areas we cover are most of Scotland :


Our work is generally all encompassing, from Repair to System Upgrades and returning the customers machine to their desktop, installing Email, Printers and Networks only finishing when the customer is happy with the work.


We also do Data Recovery at no extra cost to the main work i.e. repair and upgrades.


Our call out service is second to none, working to the customers requirements 7 days a week, through the day and into the evenings.


Most work can be carried out at a customers location, but if required to go to the workshop, most work is carried out within 3 days.


We sell quality second user Macs, upgraded to the latest systems, and installed with all software customer requires and setting up at customers premises.

We also supply telephone help for all the small problems users have from time to time, (it may take you hours to sort out a small problem but for us it may be a few minutes).


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